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Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) Materials & Publications

Various DipTrans examination documents can be downloaded from this section: Handbook, Entry Card, Language List, Centres, Fees & Dates, Candidate Regulations, Moderator's Report, Written Markers' Reports, Sample Papers and the Examinations News Booklet.


Past materials, including Examiners’ Reports for Higher Entry Languages, can also be purchased from PWP FS Print & Design using the Examinations Material Order Form (PDF, 60kb).


1. Handbook
2. Entry Card
3. Language List
4. Fees & Dates
5. Candidate Regulations

6. Examiners' Reports
7. Sample Papers
8. Preparation Seminars

9. List of Recommendations to Candidates

10. Examinations News Booklet

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Download your copy of the DipTrans Handbook (PDF, 150kb).


Entry Card

Download your copy of the DipTrans Entry Card (PDF, 160kb).


Language List

The DipTrans can be taken in a range of language combinations including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Fees & Dates

Download your copy of the DipTrans Fees & Dates 2010-2011


Candidate Regulations

Download your copy of the Candidate Regulations (PDF, 201kb).



Examiners' Reports


The Examiners' reports provide feedback on candidates' performances and also recommendations based on past DipTrans examinations.


Sample Papers

Download your copies of the following DipTrans sample papers:

Preparation Seminars

The following Preparation Seminars offer an overview of the quality standards, tips and advice about the examination.


List of Recommendations to Candidates


The following document provides all candidates with general recommendations that can help them to better prepare for the examination.


Examinations News Booklet


Every year the IoL Educational Trust produces the Exams Newsletter which includes the most up-to-date exam information, articles of general interest and interviews from the winners at the IoL Educational Trust annual prize-giving.