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Metropolitan Police Test

IoL Language Services Ltd (LSL) in conjunction with the Metropolitan Police Service has created a test that leads to a public service interpreting qualification relating to the police service within the UK and which is recognised by the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

The test assesses interpretation and translations skills. All components must be attempted at the first session, though candidates can re-sit any components they fail without having to do the entire test again.

The Oral Test comprises: Consecutive Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting of a Statement, Simultaneous Interpreting and Sight Translation. The Written Test comprises of: Translation into English of the Statement and a Technical Translation.

In addition, many languages can be assessed that may not be catered for by the DPSI. We regularly run assessments in popular languages such as Albanian, Turkish, Kurdish Sorani and Polish, but other more rare languages can also be accommodated, such as Amharic, Hebrew and Shona. Candidates must check first to see if LSL can assess their particular language.

Candidates should make themselves as familiar as possible with police terminology before taking the test. Sample papers, transcripts and briefing sheets, which h
elp candidates to understand exactly what is expected of them, are all available from IoL Language Services Ltd (LSL). A glossary of terms is also now available. It is more often the case that candidates fail because they have not prepared themselves beforehand, rather than mistakes made on the day.

Successful candidates will have outstanding skills. However, though the standard is high, the Metropolitan Police Test is available to everybody regardless of qualifications or experience. For further information, please click on the links below:

Candidates wishing to sit the Metropolitan Police Test should download and print out the Registration Form, fill it in and send to us with payment (cheque or postal order). Fees Information is available below.

The test is offered three times a year: March/April, July and November. Applications are currently being accepted for November 2009 Metropolitan Police Test Session. The provisional dates for the next Metropolitan Police Test are 23rd - 27th November 2009. The application deadline for the November 2009 session is Monday 21st September 2009.